Dog Training


Meet Renee

This is Renee Mauro, dog trainer and co-owner at Martindale Kennels. Renee has been working with and training dogs for over 10 years including dogs for drug and explosive detection. As well she has trained service dogs for autism, PTSD and works closely with rescue dogs in rehabilitating difficult behaviours to ensure they find forever homes. Renee grew up around dogs either at shows, obedience or agility trials so this has been a lifetime in the making.  She is a strong believer that all dogs thrive on leadership and direction and that is the program Renee teaches you through her balanced dog training. Be the leader your dog expects and needs you to be! Call today and book a private dog training lesson and get started having a well-balanced and obedient dog!

For more on Renee, check out the video below.

Follow Renee on YouTube at "Martindale Training" for videos and tips to help you and your dog

on your journey to a balanced, structured and happy relationship!

Private Lessons $95.00 + HST (1 hour at our kennel)
Virtual Lessons $75 + HST (1 hour via instagram/facebook video chat)
Group Lessons $50 + HST (45 mins at our kennel)
Board and Train $1000 + HST (7 nights boarding, 7 training lessons with Renee)

**A minimum of one private lesson is required to move on to group lessons**