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  • How do I set up my online customer profile?
    1. Press the link below 2. Fill out the information for you and your pets 3. Read and electronically sign the Service and Emergency Contact agreements 4. Upload, email or text your pets most recent vaccine information ***Download "Gingr for Pet Parents" through your app store for easy access to your profile INVITE CODE: 104091
  • When will my dog be ready after grooming?
    Every dog is different. Grooming time is dependent on length of hair, condition, behaviour and drying time. We want to ensure that your dog has positive experience, which may ocassionally require short breaks for the bathroom, a drink of water or calming. We will be sure to call you as soon as your dog is ready to go!
  • Besides dogs and cats, do you board other small animals"
    Yes! We board guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits and even hedgehogs! Each animal must have their own cage and supplies including bedding and food.
  • Are you a doggy day care?
    Unfortunately, we are not a doggy day care. We will ensure that when your pet stays with us, they recieved 3-5 walks a day in our fully fenced yard. If your dog is off leash, there is a staff member with your dog. If there are multiple dogs being walked, all dogs are leashed and safely apart. We play fetch with your dog and make sure they have fun during their stay!
  • Where will my dog be staying while in boarding?
    Some our kennels look like this. They have temperature control, heated floors, bright light and plenty of space for your pup to feel at home. We also have other spaces for dogs to stay in our facility. Dogs are placed according to size and temperament. There is a completely seperate boarding area for cats and small animals.
Dog Spa
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