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Resort-Like, Safe, Convenient Accommodations for Dogs, Cats & other small animals

Martindale Kennels is conveniently located near the 406 and QEW highways. We're much more than basic kennels and dog runs. As animal lovers, we love to give animals the love and attention they crave. Our facilities include climate-controlled kennels for dogs, separate boarding areas for cats, and a large fenced in yard for play, walks and fun. 

Our facility is fully monitored for burglary and fire to ensure the safety and well-being of your pet. We board dogs, cats and other small animals as well as offer full-service grooming and training for your pet while they are in boarding, if requested. We have a range of different kennel sizes to meet your pet's specific needs. All of our services are offered indoor in a climate controlled, safe and secured facility. 

Immunization Requirements

Martindale Kennels requires proof (showing expiry dates) of the following immunization certificates for all our guests to help ensure that your pet’s visit is a healthy one.  Once an online profile has been created, documents can be uploaded to your profile or sent by email or text.  




Distemper (hepatitis, parainfluenza and parvovirus)


Bordetella (if expired and given orally, at least 72 hours before visit or by needle, 2 weeks before visit)

Highly Recommended:

Leptospirosis, Flea/Tick Treatment




Distemper (panleukopenia, rhinotracheitis and calicivirus)



Dog Boarding

Flexible stays - full/half days & overnights

Dog kennels with heated floors

Dogs are walked 3-4 times daily in the backyard (no charge)

**Grooming is available while your dog is boarding and can be added to your reservation online to help ensure availability**

Pricing for Dog Boarding

One dog overnight $37.00

One dog day stay (-4 hours) $19.00

One dog day stay (+4 hours) $27.00

One dog on a stat holiday $41.00

One dog discharge on a holiday $20.00

Two dogs overnight $60.00

Two dogs day stay (-4 hours) $35.00

Two dogs day stay (+4 hours) $50.00

Two dogs on a stat holiday $67.00

Two dogs discharge on a holiday $30.00

Three dogs overnight $90.00

Three dogs on a stat holiday $99.00

Three dogs discharge on a holiday $40.00

Pricing for Cat Boarding

One cat overnight $26.00

Two cats overnight $40.00

Three cats overnight $60.00

One Rabbit/Hamsters/Guinea Pig overnight $23.00

 Two Rabbits/Hamsters/Guinea Pigs overnight $30.00

**Boarding Pick Ups after 4pm will include Day Stay Charge

**Pick up on Stat Holiday will include a discharge fee


Additional Discounts & Fees

Seniors discount (65 years +) 10%

Insulin injections $2.50 each

Cat Sleeping

Check-In Requirements for Pets

At Martindale Kennels, your pet's health and safety is our main priority. We do not want to interrupt your pets diet so we ask you bring their food and treats.  You can fill out all of your pet's feeding and medication information in your pets online profile.  Our staff are compassionate and also proficient in administering medications and tending to pets with special needs.

In order to ensure the safety of all our pet guests, we require that all dog and cat visitors have proper immunization certificates.  All necessary certificates can be uploaded into your online profile or sent by email or text . 


Please also ensure that your dog is wearing a leash when he/she joins us.

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