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Training Packages

Puppy Training Program

Get your dog off on the right paw with our puppy program!  Follow Renee's method of TLC: Tether, Leash and Crate ensuring your puppy learns rules, structure and manners while having a blast.

Tether: Teach your pup the basics in a controlled environment, building trust and understanding. And keeping them safe in these early phases of training.

Leash: Learn how to teach your puppy to walk calmly on a leash without pulling and look to you for direction.

Crate: Introduce the crate in a way that allows your dog to see it as a safe space that represents relaxation and comfort.

Housetraining: Setting up boundaries along with Renee’s house training strategies allows your dog to have a clear understanding of where they are to eliminate and easily sets them up for success. 

Playtime: Make learning fun and interactive, using play as a tool to teach essential rules.

Socialization: Boost confidence by exposing your puppy to new experiences and friends.

This program offers a well-rounded approach to puppy training, covering important aspects of a puppy's development and behavior. Whether you choose in-person or Zoom sessions, the guidance from a professional like Renee Mauro can be highly beneficial for both you and your puppy. It's important to have patience and consistency in your training to achieve the best results

E-Collar Elite

Transform Your Dog's Behavior with Renee Mauro's Six-Session e-collar Elite Training Program!

Are you looking for effective and enjoyable dog training that helps your furry friend become a well-behaved and obedient companion? Look no further than Renee Mauro's renowned six-lesson dog training program. Whether in-person or via Zoom, Renee uses her expertise and the innovative Mini-Educator E-Collar to provide balanced-style training, instilling rules and structure in a fun and positive way while achieving remarkable results in obedience and good manners for your dog.

Renee will introduce you to the Mini-Educator E-Collar, a gentle and humane tool used to facilitate communication between you and your dog. You'll learn how to use it effectively and safely, promoting learning and compliance without causing discomfort or fear in your pet.  Renee will guide you through the fundamentals of creating a strong foundation in your dog's training. This includes teaching basic commands such as sit, stay, down, place and come. Through positive reinforcement, your dog will learn to associate good behavior with praise and rewards.

Explore how to implement rules and structure while maintaining a positive and enjoyable atmosphere. Renee's balanced-style training encourages a harmonious relationship between you and your dog, establishing clear boundaries without sacrificing the fun. Renee's vast experience allows her to address specific behavioral challenges your dog may face. Whether it's leash pulling, jumping, or aggression, Renee will tailor her training to address your dog's unique needs, turning problem behaviors into positive habits.

Now that your dog is equipped with essential commands and a better understanding of your expectations, it's time to apply this knowledge to real-life situations. Renee will simulate scenarios to ensure that your dog behaves consistently, even in distracting environments.

Renee Mauro's six-lesson dog training program, offered in-person or via Zoom, combines the effectiveness of the Mini-Educator E-Collar with balanced-style training to teach your dog rules and structure in a positive and enjoyable way. This program is designed to help you achieve the results you want in terms of obedience and good manners. Say goodbye to troublesome behaviors and hello to a well-behaved and loving companion by enrolling in Renee Mauro's dog training program today.   Your dog will thank you for it!

Training Pricing

During the consultation, the trainer can evaluate the dog's behavior, assess any behavioral issues, and discuss the training methods and goals with the owner. After this assessment, they can provide a customized training plan and a price estimate based on the services required. This approach ensures that the training plan and cost are tailored to the unique needs of the dog and its owner.

It's essential to communicate openly with the trainer during the consultation and ask any questions you may have about the training process, methods, and pricing. This way, both the owner and the trainer can establish clear expectations for the training program.

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